Coming Soon: Circle of Security™ Parenting

This transformative 8-week course will unlock the secrets to fostering your child’s emotional
intelligence. Dive deep into understanding your child’s emotional landscape to help them
navigate feelings with ease.

Next Session in English: Fall 2024 – Dates to be Announced Soon


Session One – Welcome and Overview of Course

  • Getting Into the Circle
  • The Difference that Makes a Difference

Session Two – Exploring Our Children’s Needs All the Way Around the Circle

  • The Formula for Security
  • The Full Circle of Security with Hand Formula
  • Parents Being Held

Session Three – “Being With” on the Circle

  • Learning the “Being With” Circle

Session Four – “Being With” Infants on the Circle

  • Learning to Understand the Infant Circle of OK, Not OK

Session Five – The Path to Security

  • What Choosing Security Is
  • What Limited Hands on the Bottom Means
  • What Limited Hands on the Top Means
  • The Path to Secure Attachment
  • Learning about the Shark Music Quadrant

Session Six – Exploring Our Struggles

  • How “Being With” and Shark Music Can Co-Exist
  • How Limited Hands Causes Disorganization
  • How Limited Hands Can Communicate Mean, Weak, or Gone

Session Seven – Rupture and Repair

  • Repairing Relationships with a “Time In”
  • What Repair Is
  • When Good Kids Do Bad Things

Session Eight – Summary and Celebration

  • The Rewards of Choosing Security
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