Changing your child is not the answer

Instead you have to change as a parent

As your children grow up and develop, they challenge you in ways nobody has ever prepared you for.

You want to raise them as well as you can and solve problems as they arise.

  • If they misbehave, you punish them…
    …or just the opposite: you decide to ignore it, because you are afraid of setting limits.
  • If they don’t study or disobey, you tell them off…
    …or you just let them be: they will learn discipline when they grow up.
  • If you want them to do something, you promise them a treat…
    …or you just give them whatever they want without even expecting them to make an effort.

But nothing works.
Your children don’t change their behavior, and you are more and more exhausted.

You wonder:

Is my child ever going to change?

Will they ever obey me?

Are they ever going to behave?

And you don’t find any answers. Do you know why?

Because you’re asking the wrong questions.

You are the beginning of change in your child

We tend to think that our children are the ones that need to change. But what if this approach was wrong? What if we, as parents, need to change our way of seeing our children and our behavior as a family?

If you want your child to change, you first need to focus on yourself. With the Proactive Parenting method, I’ll help you do just that.

What does the Proactive Parenting method entail?

The family system and your behavior are the key: unintentionally, your lifestyle or your habits could be encouraging your child’s problem to persist. You are their guide, the mirror in which they look at themselves – your children’s change always starts with you.

Your children are unique: each child has their own development and learning pace. This is not about molding them – this is about choosing the right approach and reflecting on the values you want to pass on to your children and what you expect from them.

Daily dedication and a continuous improvement mindset: persevering and being willing to learn as a parent on a daily basis is the key for your children to internalize better habits and behaviors.

Long-lasting values: there’s no use in solving a specific problem if you don’t find out how to prevent future conflicts or tackle them when they first appear. You will achieve this by developing and passing values on to your children, values that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Although my experience as a mother helps me at work, the Proactive Parenting method is based on scientific research and my own professional experience.

Having a peaceful and happy family is not a matter of good luck: it’s up to you.
And the Proactive Parenting method will help you achieve it.

This is how I can help you

With the Proactive Parenting method I can help you solve problems and improve your child’s development at any of the life stages: infancy, childhood, pre-adolescence and adolescence.

How can I do it?

Online video courses

Online video courses

You can learn to solve your children’s problems and manage their specific needs for each life stage by yourself. And best of all, you can do it at home and at your own pace. My video courses focus on newborns and babies to help you learn how to safely care for your infant when they are born and breastfeed with success.

I’m interested

This is what my clients say about me

During the 25 years I have been putting my Proactive Parenting method into practice with multiple families, I’ve discovered the three basic ingredients that parents need to apply to be successful:


All your efforts will be useless if you aren’t committed to solving the problem. I will accompany you, but it’s you who’ll have to work hard on a daily basis to turn your home from a battlefield into a nest of love and peace.


Limits are a must in all of your child’s developmental stages. If you’re not ready to set limits and promote discipline at home, maybe my services are not for you.


No tree can grow strong with weak roots. Values are the roots for supporting happy children and a family that grows together. I will guide you on how to convey values that promote change and will have a lasting presence in your children’s lives. 

Do you want to commit to setting limits and fostering the best values as a family?