Your child is showing you there’s something wrong at home

Take charge and transform your family life

You experience stressful situations with your children, just like any other parent in the world.

You worry when they don’t behave how you’d like. Their lack of discipline, values or sleep prevents you from sleeping too.

But some parents just:

  • Pretend the problem doesn’t even exist.
  • Tell their children off and punish them.

They don’t take the opportunity to learn from the problem and grow as a family.

And some other parents

  • Take control of the problem.
  • Look for effective answers.

Take advantage of the situation in order to grow as a family and learn to prevent future problems.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of those parents willing to learn and grow with each parenting challenge.

Congratulations! You belong here.

Hey there! I’m Deanna:

Doctorally prepared nurse, expert in child and adolescent development and mother of two wonderful children.

I have been helping families just like yours to live happily and healthily in harmony with my Proactive Parenting method for 25 years now.

After studying nursing back in my home country, the United States, I started to take an interest in common problems that parents have with their children. Was there any way of achieving peaceful coexistence without yelling, punishment and fighting?

In order to find the answer, I studied a Master’s degree, I specialized in pediatrics and I finally did a PhD in nursing, where I developed my own Proactive Parenting method. My studies and, above all, my professional experience have taught me that the family is a structure and every single member is influenced by and influences all the others.

A developmental or behavioral problem in your child is showing an urgent need to make changes in the family system. When all family members commit to modifying specific habits, your child will improve at the speed of light.

The best school: my family

My extensive training and experience guiding more than a thousand families in the United States and Spain has given me a great capacity to problem-solve and the ability to find the best solutions for your child’s specific problem.

But, without a doubt, my family has been my best school.

I have two wonderful children and a loving and committed husband who help me grow every day, both professionally and personally.

Thanks to the challenges they offer me, I have confirmed that limits, discipline and transmission of values are the best tools to achieve a happy home, where every single member of the family develops to their full potential.

My husband and children have shown me that it’s possible to guide a child towards positive behavior without arguing, simply by focusing on your own change and improvement as a parent.

Five things I’d like you to know about me

I’m very honest, both in my life and in my work. If your child needs something I can’t offer, I’ll tell you. I don’t have any problem admitting I don’t know something. But once I admit this, I need to change it! I immediately start researching to find the answer.

Even though I live in Spain, every year I take a test that allows me to work as a GP (specializing in Pediatrics) in the United States. In this way, I keep my medical knowledge up to date.

As a registered nurse, I was trained not only to treat patients but also to provide them with the best information on how to take care of themselves. This is why my Proactive Parenting method focuses on solving problems, but especially emphasizes preventing them.

Developing my career in both the United States and Spain has given me the chance to see how families live in both countries. They are quite different! But these experiences have enriched me and allowed me to solve the most diverse problems.

I play the piano, the guitar and the violin. As you might have guessed, I love expressing my feelings through music… But I don’t always do this by myself! My children are also musicians, and it’s not unusual to find us improvising a concert in our garden.

My training, my wide experience accompanying more than a thousand families in Spain and U.S.A… all of this has helped me become quick and efficient at figuring out the best solution for your child’s specific problems.

This is what my clients say about me

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