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Proactive Parenting helps you promote your child’s unique journey through childhood – with guidance & support every step of the way

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Ever wondered: What are my child’s needs at this moment? Can I really be the guide my child needs? How do I know what is best to do?
Being unsure is a natural part of the journey.

Rest assured; our resources are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Over three lessons, you’ll learn the foundations for keeping your child healthy and happy, while...


Cyberbullying, sexting, alcohol, drugs, unwanted pregnancies, bullying, academic disinterest, and eating disorders are just some...


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Proactive Parenting

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Hello, I'm Deanna Mason, doctorate (PhD) in vulnerable and diverse populations, certified pedriatric nurse practitioner, developmental expert and mother

doctora deanna mason paternidad proactiva

I have observed that many of the behavioral and developmental problems in children and adolescents starts from how they are being parented. During my 25 years of experience. Parents are the ones who need to change habits, improve their relationship with their children and re-learn what raising children and parenting means in order to transform the family from its roots and bring it into harmony.

According to systems theory, whenever a part of the whole changes itself, the rest is changed as well in order to adapt to the original change. I want you to be the source of change in your family. You’ll be amazed to see how your family system changes with you.

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