What is a breastfeeding crisis at 3 months? Everything you need to know

Chica sobre el bebé de 3 meses en crisis de lactancia

It is normal for the baby to demand more breastfeeding and to have changes in behaviour during this stage. The mammary gland responds by producing more milk as the baby sucks. The duration of the crisis may vary, but there is no cause for concern if the baby continues to gain weight adequately. In this Proactive Parenting blog article we bring you some key tips.

Should you avoid foods during breastfeeding to prevent colic?

Comida perjudicial para los cólicos

Are there certain foods that are best not to eat when breastfeeding to avoid colic? Colic in breastfed babies is a common problem, but not all the causes are yet known. In this article on the Proactive Parenting blog we explain which foods may contribute to colic in breastfed babies.

The benefits of no phones at the dinner table

Ken was a single dad with a 6 -year-old daughter named Claire and an 8-year-old son named
Patrick. Ken dreaded mealtime with his kids. It seemed that every time they sat down to eat,
the kids would refuse to eat what he had made, have a tantrum, get up from the table…

The influence of violent video games on children’s behavior

Johnny and his little sister Lizzy were contently playing with Legos in their living room. After a while, Johnny asked his mom, Nina, if he could play video games for a while. He selected his new Final Fantasy game and played for nearly an hour…

Help teens balance the benefits and risks of being online

John watches his twin pre-teen girls taking selfies non-stop. He doesn’t understand why they are making weird faces to their cameras or taking the same picture over and over again. When he asks them what they are doing, they roll their eyes and say, “We’re snapping with my friends.” John assumes that snapping…

The risks of teenage drinking

Sally and Donna met up with their high school friends on Saturday night to hang out. There was a tub full of ice filled with beers and grain alcohol. Everyone was walking around with large cups filled with their preferred beverages. Near midnight, some of Sally and Donna’s friends lit up a joint of marijuana and offered it to the girls…