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Hi, I’m Deanna

I’m a health professional, educator, and researcher.

With nearly 30 years of experience working with families, I understand that many parents worry about possibly harming their children when setting limits and enforcing discipline. They fear damaging their child’s physical or mental well-being, or stifling their natural growth.

That’s why I developed the Proactive Parenting method – to help parents overcome these concerns. By adopting a long-term view and recognizing that boundaries are not restrictive but liberating, it becomes easier for parents to apply consistent discipline and boundaries.

This method blends the latest in pediatric development, scientific research, and standards from global pediatric organizations with practical experience to mesh with the realities of modern families.

If you’re a new parent or simply unsure how to proceed, I invite you to learn more about Proactive Parenting. Discover how understanding your child’s developmental stages allows you to meet their needs in a caring and effective way.

The beauty of Proactive Parenting is the responsiveness it gives you to understand and anticipate your child’s development, and tailor your approach accordingly.

My hope is that this strategy helps you guide your child towards positive behaviors early on, emphasizing prevention over correction for a happier, more enjoyable family life.

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I believe that every family can be loving and caring

Every parent faces challenges—it's a natural part of the journey. But remember, you're not alone. These resources have been carefully developed to help make this journey smoother and more joyful.

As a parent, your unique blend of personality, humor, and, most importantly, your heart, are your true gifts. Whether guided by instinct or expert advice, a compassionate approach is essential. This kindness is the key to helping your children thrive in today’s world, ensuring happiness and fulfillment for the whole family.

Your past, your experiences with your own parents, and the structure of your family don’t define your ability to love and nurture. You possess the power to be the loving, kind parent you aspire to be, transforming the lives of your children and your family.

Embracing this philosophy with just a small commitment each day, and a generous helping of grace, will guide you and your loved ones to celebrate many wonderful milestones together.

Working with families teaches me something new every day, deepening my understanding of what it means to love and nurture our next generation.

Which brings me to you

I’m here to support your parenting journey. Our company is founded on a deep love for family, a passion for potential, and a commitment to being a positive force in your life.

Through our insightful books, interactive online courses, and supportive resources — we’re here to make a real difference. Our goal is to help you create a parenting experience you truly love, uniquely crafted for your family’s needs.

Whether you’re navigating the early days of parenthood, tackling the challenges of raising teens, or seeking to enrich your family life, we’re here to help you unlock your fullest parenting potential and tap into your deepest reserves of wisdom.

Yes, this is a business, and yes, we're proud to earn a living from what we sell. But we're excited to offer top quality work, like our podcast and eBook, absolutely free.

Just like any parent, I have my tough days filled with doubts and challenges. But my promise to you is to share the best of what I’ve learned about parenting - genuinely and honestly. Please understand there is no perfection, only real advice and practical tips. What you can expect are insightful strategies, heartfelt wisdom and my steadfast commitment to support you in raising happy and healthy children.

Thank you for reading this far. I hope this is just the beginning of our journey together.