Transgender pronouns

Sara, 17, brought her best friend Jamie, 17, to a family reunion. Sara’s aunt saw Jamie getting a soda and asked Sara, “How is she doing?” Sara replied, “Oh, Jamie, they’re fine.” Sara’s aunt was taken aback and said, “Sara, dear, Jamie is a girl not a ‘they.” Sara realized that her aunt didn’t understand that Jamie was nonbinary and explained, ….

Vaccines are safe and MMR vaccine is not related to autism

Recent research* has again confirmed the findings of past research that the MMR vaccine does not raise the risk of autism, even among children who are at increased genetic risk. These studies, plus multiple previous studies, have shown that there is no link between the MMR vaccine, nor any vaccine, and autism.

How to explain the difference between needs and wants to small children

Children may be saying things like, “This isn’t the kind I like!” “But I want…” and “Can we get some tomorrow?” Even in more normal times, young children are still learning the difference between things we want and things we really need.