Nancy Wilson

“I was being a parent by default…everyone does it…how difficult can it be? Oh how wrong I was. Deanna brought me to the realization that parenting is an art that must be learned, practiced, mastered and perfected. Every single aspect of it. Thank you for everything I know now, for sharing from your wealth of knowledge…thank you for the small talks.”

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How to get your child to eat without a fight

Fighting to get a child to eat is a common family struggle. Luckily, parents can use a no-nonsense approach to avoid struggles over food while reinforcing good behaviors so children learn to have a healthy relationship with food and mealtimes.

When food becomes a tool to create stress or anxiety in a family, the rhythm of the family is disturbed. Since food is a common element of life, having conflict over food means there is constant conflict in the family. Yet, there are ways to stop the struggle and enjoy food and family time.

Are You Living a Sustainable Life? 3 Easy Steps to Prevent Taking a Fall

Feeling swept away with all the “extras” of the expat lifestyle? These 3 steps will help maximize the experience and create sustainable lifestyle habits while living abroad, or heading back home.

Living abroad brings lots of challenges, but it can also bring great rewards. Relocation may trigger larger wages, a bigger house, free private schooling, upscale neighborhoods, and perhaps more disposable income. Additionally, relocation may also provide in-home services such as a housekeeper and chauffer.

Is your child prepared to launch? How to support your child in ‘letting go’ before moving

Are you sure your child is prepared to move into a new school or home? Have you ever wondered how to support your child in letting go before moving? This article takes you through the process.

When a move is approaching, it’s natural to be focused on the location where you will be landing. Many important decisions and choices need to be made, such as where to live, what schools to attend, which house to buy or rent, etc. However, it is also important not to overlook tying up the experience for children at the launch site – the place you are leaving.

Caught in the lying trap? How to stay true to yourself and keep your chin up

Some families seem to live a dream life in which everything is happy, perfect, and beautiful. Their jobs are fulfilling and they keep getting promotions and raises. Their children are uber compassionate and the best athletes/musicians/artists with top grades and honors. Their vacations are picturesque with perfect weather.  They always look flawless in every photo with brilliant, white smiles. Money is never an issue as they always have the newest of everything.